Florida Releases State Climate Plan That Shows Economic Gains

NWF   |   October 24, 2008

102408_wildlife_ducks Florida recently released its state Energy and Climate Change Action Plan. It’s a real winner for people and wildlife.

The report’s Executive Summary outlines 50 specific policy recommendations that will save the state $28 billion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions 64% by 2025, and reduce Florida’s energy use by 53.5 gallons of petroleum and 200 million tons of coal.

The report also outlines a host of strategies to protect Florida’s wildlife and natural resources from the harmful effects of climate change already underway.

Florida’s report shows that the state’s early investments in a low carbon economy will provide Floridians with significant economic and energy security benefits. Other states that are looking to create economic opportunity, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and confront the climate crisis should take note of Florida’s example.

Larry Schweiger

Published: October 24, 2008