Corporate, Environmental Leaders Make Economic Case For Climate Action

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A coalition of leading corporations and environmental
organizations this week called on Congress and the incoming Obama
Administration to pass meaningful climate protection legislation next year despite
the difficult economic conditions, pointing to the economic benefits and job
creation that will result from taking such action.

Representatives for the U.S.
Climate Action Partnership
, a coalition of 26 corporations and 6 non-profit
environmental and conservation organizations, recently held a press conference
in Washington to make the economic case for cap-and-trade legislation.

The group said that cap-and-trade legislation is urgently
needed to prevent the serious impacts of climate change. While the magnitude of
needed reductions are not free of costs, legislation is necessary to spur
innovation in green technologies that will create jobs, increase economic
activity and provide the foundation for a vibrant, low-carbon economy.

USCAP has taken a leadership role in support of climate
protection legislation, calling for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
that are 60 percent to 80 percent below today’s levels. 

“The time for America to act is now,” said Larry
Schweiger, President and CEO of National Wildlife Federation. “With our economy
in crisis and our planet in peril, the fate of our economy and environment
hinge on how aggressively we move to repower America with clean energy
solutions. We must cap carbon and create the kinds of incentives our industries
need to re-tool and stay competitive in the global race for energy security.”


Published: November 18, 2008