Tell the EPA to Stop Global Warming Pollution

112108_epa_esa_proposed_regs The Environmental Protection Agency is asking for public comments on whether greenhouse gases that cause global warming "endanger public health and welfare."

Global warming is one of the greatest threats people and wildlife have ever faced. Now is the time for action. More than 21,000 National Wildlife Federation supporters have submitted comments urging the Environmental Protection Agency to take responsibility to regulate greenhouse gases.

Now you can add your voice to this historic opportunity to stop global warming.

Urge the EPA to take action today.

Our goal is to have 35,000 public comments submitted by the public comment deadline of November 28th.

In a recent post-election poll, 78% of voters see clean energy as a pathway to revitalize America’s economy. The poll also showed 57% of voters said it was important to back candidates who support reducing global warming pollution. And just recently President-Elect Obama released a powerful video statement:"Few challenges facing America — and the world — are more urgent than combating climate change," he said. "Many of you are working to confront this challenge….but too often, Washington has failed to show the same kind of leadership. That will change when I take office."

Help set the stage for the next Administration to address global warming that will save wildlife and people. Let the Environmental Protection Agency hear from you today.

Published: November 21, 2008