Europe’s 20-20-20 Framework Puts Ball In U.S. Court

In the final days of the United Nations
Climate Change Conference in Poland
, European leaders met in Brussels and
agreed to a pact for climate action to combat global warming.

Though the
European Union climate package
received mixed reviews, it may turn out to be
an aspiring bid that puts the spotlight on the United States to curb climate

“20-20-20” vision
includes rules to cut emissions by 20 percent by 2020,
reduce energy consumption by 20 percent, and increase energy gained from
renewable sources by 20 percent. In general, the agreement moves beyond what has
yet been achieved in the U.S.

The final European Union package does not
include an automatic increase to 30 percent reductions if a global climate
agreement is reached. Other exceptions contained in the package also drew

Published: December 23, 2008