Alright friends of wildlife, here’s the update:

A green recovery package has passed the U.S. House of Representatives– with great provisions to create clean energy jobs while protecting wildlife and natural resources.

Great work from the thousands of you that demanded the House’s economic recovery legislation work for the future of people and wildlife. Now a similar bill is up for a vote in the U.S. Senate.

There can be no doubt, we will soon have our economic recovery plan.

The Senate bill has some great provisions, including investments in green education, public land management and clean water restoration projects. But, it also includes support for coal-to-liquid programs, and as we all know: there’s no such thing as clean coal.

Today we’re sending some positive encouragement to the Senate, and letting our leaders know that we support a truly green economic recovery plan. News reports are saying that there are more jobs in the wind industry these days than in coal mining. So obviously, the time for a clean energy future is now.

Got a minute? Send a message to your Senators today, asking them to pass a green stimulus package. Let them know you care about environmental education, green technology jobs and tax incentives for homeowners to make their homes energy-efficient. Let them know they should leave out the coal-to-liquid provision, because that’s not going to help our economy or our wildlife.

If not for your own job future (and you might do well to consider one of the millions of jobs that are opening up in the green sector), do it for the polar bears!

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Published: February 3, 2009