Big Coal Dumps Letter Fraud Lobbyists

As the National Journal reports, Big Coal is dropping its dirty lobbying firm:

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity announced Thursday that it was severing ties with Bonner & Associates, the grassroots lobbying firm founded by Jack Bonner, whose employee sent false letters to lawmakers urging them to vote against the House energy legislation.

“We will not be working with Mr. Bonner again,” Joe Lucas, senior vice president for communications at ACCCE, told “ACCCE did nothing wrong. Looking back, there would be many things we would do differently.”

ACCCE tries to pass off the phony letter scandal as an “isolated incident,” but Big Coal and Big Oil have shown a pattern of deception. From fraudulent letters to extensive astroturfing, polluters are willing to say or do anything to protect their record profits.

Published: August 21, 2009

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