Cavemen – Not Hearing the Message

My colleague Claudia Malloy sent me this update from Michigan yesterday.

09-02-09 Cavemen in Michigan copyI was in neighboring Ohio recently and heard the same message at the Akron Roundtable: that Americans want the economic opportunity associated with clean energy made in America that creates jobs for Americans.

“A group of constituents and concerned Michiganders gathered outside of Congressman McCotter’s office on Monday, August 31st to share their concerns about his support for prehistoric energy policies that send Michigan jobs overseas and fund Big Oil.

We chanted about clean energy and jobs, and ask that he represent the people of the 11th District fairly.

One of McCotter’s favorite tag lines on emails is “I work for you”, but we kindly reminded him that supporting dirty energy is not working for us. A few activists wore cavemen costumes to illustrate that we need to move away from dirty energy toward a clean, 21st Century energy economy.”

Published: September 2, 2009