Global Warming Bringing Extreme Weather and Health Impacts

Global warming is making hot days hotter, rainfall and flooding heavier, storms stronger, and droughts more severe, according to groups analyzing the public health and social justice consequences of extreme weather events.

As the Senate prepares to take up clean energy legislation, the National Wildlife Federation, Harvard Medical School, the NAACP, and the Apollo Alliance hosted a Congressional briefing to emphasize the public health and social justice issues that any legislation must address.

"With global warming pushing these extremes beyond their historical limits, we can no longer plan for the future based on past climate conditions," said Dr. Amanda Staudt, climate scientist, National Wildlife Federation. "Global warming will continue to impact our everyday lives and will have grave implications for public health and social justice."

More Extreme Weather: Implications for Public Health and Social Justice explains the bigger picture and provides recommendations for how to cope with projected changes and avoid the worst impacts of global warming.

Published: September 24, 2009