WhaleAll week we’ve been talking about the wildlife and wild places that need your help.

Frogs are dying out. National parks face threats from severe drought and storms. Bears can’t hibernate the whole winter.

So here’s what you can do TODAY.

When your U.S. senators vote on the upcoming climate and clean energy bill, they’ll also be voting for funding to protect public lands, natural resources and America’s iconic wildlife species.

To help ensure they cast their vote for wildlife, click here.

The whales are calling too. Carbon pollution is causing our oceans to grow more acidic, having a strange and scary effect on whales and other sea mammals. Whales use sonar to communicate, sending signals back and forth to each other across the waters, but whales can also pick up sonar from submarines, fishing boats and other large bodies in the ocean. When an ocean becomes more acidic, sonar signals get amplified, and sea mammals get confused. Scientists think that dolphins and whales are unable to tell the difference between a friendly hello and a passing ship. To sea mammals, the ocean is becoming overwhelmingly loud.

We can bring that cacaphony to the Senate today. The more people who call– the more their phones are ringing off the hook– the more our elected officials will see how important it is to make sure this climate bill protects our natural world. From whales, to frogs, to bears, our wildlife need us to call today.

Go ahead, make the call now and leave a comment below to let us know how the call went!