Wolves Do It, Moose Do It, Even Orange Clownfish Do It. Will You?

Today a college student will graduate with thousands in debt and a difficult job search.

Tomorrow, if we take action now to confront the climate challenge, college students might find themselves in a booming green jobs market.

Kids outside

Today, American children live with the risk of increased fires, increased droughts, more severe storms and increased health risks. Heat waves disproportionately affect kids with asthma and increased flooding means increased waterborne diseases like e.coli and West Nile virus.

Tomorrow, if we take action now to confront the climate challenge, our children could have a safe and healthy place to grow up in and the promise of a diverse and thriving planet.

In nature, wolf packs all come together to raise pups. Wolf parents can count on the whole pack to babysit, teach and look after newborn pups. Every wolf does what it takes to make sure the pups grow up healthy and strong.

Moose calf photo by USFWS

Moose mothers are also protective, forming close bonds with their calves and making sure they survive their first harsh winters.

For the orange clownfish, the father takes on much of the protective role by guarding the eggs from predators and keeping the place clean right up until the eggs hatch.

Reef photo by NOAA

We can take a tip from nature and step up to protect America’s children.

By speaking up for the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act; by promising to reduce our carbon emissions 20% by 2020; by creating a green jobs market; and by making sure polluters can no longer get away with releasing dangerous levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, we can safeguard our natural world for generations to come.

Urge your senators to pass the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act today.

This post is part of Blog Action Day and was written with the help of Rachel Faulkner.