Watch Adorable Video of Bear Cubs Playing in Road: We Need Safe Road Crossings

I couldn’t resist. Bear cubs are adorable. Could there be a better reminder of the need for safe wildlife road crossings?

Check out this new video shot at Yosemite National Park.


There is no difference between this scene at Yosemite and road crossings all over the Northeast. In fact, the Northeast has an insane amount of roads that wildlife have to traverse to find food, shelter and mates.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Northeast Regional Center is working to make wildlife crossings safe for people and wildlife as part of a Wildlife Corridor Initiative. For more information, check out one of our earlier blogs: “The Moose that Stole the Show.” That post chronicles another amazing road crossing of a moose during a press conference NWF had organized about priority wildlife road crossings in that area.

Bears crossing road

Critical Paths is a model project that seeks to maintain natural wildlife migration corridors by identifying critical wildlife road crossings in the State of Vermont. Recently, we have targeted the landscape between the northern Green Mountains and the Northeast Kingdom. The project uses a combination of cutting-edge computer modeling and good old fashion on-site field work to determine where bottlenecks and impermeable crossings exist that can impede the free movement of animals. This project was made possible with funding from the Wildlife Conservation Society, Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife and generous donations for individuals.

It’s great to see these bears frolicking at Yosemite. Do you have photos to share of America’s public lands? Share them in our monthly photo challenge.

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