I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Larry Gibson.  Larry was a courageous leader and advocate for the stopping of mountaintop removal mining.  I visited with Larry last year and found him to be courageous, down to earth, and generous – all the best attributes of both an activist and a human being.  Here’s an article and quote below  from the article that shows Larry’s determination to fight on behalf of our children’s future.  Thank you Larry for all you did and the thousands whom you’ve inspired. 

“I never wanted to become an activist, but I had to,” Gibson told interviewer Taylor Lee Kirkland in 2009. “If I hadn’t I would have been torn off this mountain a long time ago. There are thousands of people around the world who have heard me speak since I started this work, but honestly I wish to God no one knew my name. I wish I didn’t have to leave my home and talk to people about mountaintop removal. Last year I traveled eight months out of the year talking to people about this stuff. But I know I have to bring this message to the world and I’m gonna fight for justice in every way I can. We have to have an uprising. This isn’t an uprising that can be bought with money, but one that’s coming from the hearts of honest and hardworking people.”

Published: September 11, 2012