Here at Campus Ecology, we talk about clean energy and climate change because those issues are important to us personally, and we know that those issues are important to students on campuses. Not only do we talk about clean energy, we actively promote its use and development. Not only do we talk about climate change, we work with students, faculty and administrators to initiate and maintain projects on campuses across the nation to reduce carbon pollution and increase overall sustainability.

We’re talking about it, we’re taking action…you’re talking about it, you’re taking action…so what about our government? Well, they talk about it…sometimes:

Graphic displaying the number of times representatives used the terms “climate change” and “clean energy” on the House and Senate floor over the past four years. Click on the picture to visit
And what about our presidential candidates? As mentioned in our Student Guide to How Corporate Oil, Gas and Coal Money Influences U.S. Energy Policy, their reluctance to discuss the climate crisis probably has something to do with the substantial oil and gas industry contributions to their campaigns: in 2012 alone, the oil and gas industry contributed $2,206,735 to Governor Romney’s campaign, and $372,028 to President Obama’s.

With less than 72 hours to go before the first presidential debate, we are joining in the call to break the silence on climate. The upcoming debate is a perfect opportunity to really make some noise about our concern for this planet, and to push our politicians in the direction of clean energy.

Wednesday, October 3 is the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado. It will air at 9 PM ET on a variety of basic and cable television networks, as well as online. In addition to coordinated online and “offline” actions between now and then, the Energy Action Coalition’s Power Vote campaign will be hosting an online live chat during the debate–your chance to engage with other green-minded young leaders watching the debate across the country, and to participate in coordinated actions to continuously push the message that the silence on climate will be broken. Check out their toolkit for hosting a debate watch, and make sure to register your event.

To turn your debate-watch gathering into a real party, make sure there are snacks, preferably of the patriotic variety. Uncle Sam ice cream cones, anyone?

Let the countdown begin!

Is your campus or eco-group hosting a debate watch party? Register the event! Can’t find an event near you? Host your own! Either way, join the online action. For more information, visit: 

We’ll be joining in the online fun, so send us a tweet during the debate and let us know your thoughts! @CampusEcology and @YouthforClimate 

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