Lemurs: Big-eyed Wonders Threatened with Extinction

Tomorrow, the movie Island of Lemurs: Madagascar will open in IMAX 3D theaters. This is probably your best opportunity to see lemurs up-close, because the only place on Earth they live is Madagascar. Without giving away the movie, here are a few things you’ll learn more about in the film.

Lemur photo by Clarice Chiquetto.
Photo by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Clarice Chiquetto.
  1. Young lemurs ride around on the backs of their parents.
  2. Females rule. They lead the group in decisions, and enjoy first choice of food.
  3. Just over 100 total species: 20 listed as vulnerable, 49 endangered and 24 critically endangered. In other words, about 94% of lemurs are threatened by extinction.
  4. They dance.
  5. Over 90% of Madagascar’s original vegetation has been lost. This poses a major threat to critical lemur habitat.
  6. At night, they cuddle together and sleep in a cozy lemur fluff pile.

You can help support NWF’s work to protect wildlife by symbolically adopting a lemur. There’s also a free movie poster and Educator’s Guide available for you to download.

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