And the 2018 “Final Fur” Champion Is…

The results are in and the master of camouflage, the Arctic fox, came out on top this week during the fierce Final Fur competition! Competitors from all over North America were matched-up, including some interesting match-ups like the small Black-Capped Chickadee versus the Orca, or the Dall Sheep versus the Canada Lynx. Even though National Wildlife Week 2018 has ended, deepening the connection to wildlife can continue all year round.

This year’s winner pulled ahead of the pack by thriving in cold or harsh winters and staying above ground to hunt for prey all year round. The Arctic fox minimizes its loss of body heat by way of a short muzzle, legs and ears, and very dense fur. Seasonal camouflage was one of the key’s to this animal’s success, see the Fun Fact below. And for the win, with a slam dunk… these fox dine on rodents, birds and rabbits during short summers and in the winter, when food is harder to find, they follow around polar bears to scavenge off the large carcasses of seals they’ve left behind.

Champion’s Physique

2 to 3.5 feet and weighing 6.5 to 21 pounds

Winner’s “Hometown”

Found in the tundra of Alaska and Northern Canada

Fun Fact

In the winter they have white fur, but in the Spring their coats change to gray/brown.

Conservation Status

Least Concern

How We Help

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