Grassroots or Astroturf?

Warning. A public relations firm hired four months ago by the Alaska State Legislature–see story here–could be coming soon to a media outlet near you.

Pac/West Communications set up a smoke-and-mirrors group called “Americans for American Energy.” Already, this “grass roots” group (which is actually just one person) has begun a campaign to convince Americans that drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the solution to high gas prices.

“We must support ANWR legislation before there is another energy crisis” is their tag line. They then urge Americans to call their senators so that “America can solve its own energy problems.”

These ads have already begun popping up in North Dakota, Montana, Arkansas and Nebraska.

The person behind the campaign is Jim Sims, who recently led the Save Our Species Alliance, the last Pac/West “grass roots” group (or astroturf group if you like) that was created to convince the public to change the Endangered Species Act to favor the rights of private property owners.

Sims’ op-eds and Americans for American Energy media are being used to convince YOU that drilling in the Arctic Refuge is the way to solve America’s energy problems.

If you see an ad paid for by “Americans for American Energy” in your state, let us know! Post a comment on this blog.