North West Field Staff on the Climate Security Act

NWF   |   May 14, 2008

As the field person working in Oregon to help pass the Climate Security Act I am very inspired by the groundswell of Oregonians weighing in with Senator Gordon Smith to urge him to vote YES on the bill. (Senator Ron Wyden has already cosponsored the bill.)

They are concerned about the impact of global warming on the wildlife and ecosystems of Oregon which make it such a cherished place to live. And they want real solutions. Just this week, Senator McCain chose to announce his climate stance in Portland, Oregon. I believe he did this because Oregon is such a national leader on solutions to global warming — with one of the nation’s strongest Renewable Energy Standards and a leader in the Western Climate Initiative for starters.

Sen. McCain’s speech on climate change was the clearest indication yet that the politics of global warming are shifting quickly. All three leading presidential candidates have laid out platforms supporting action by Congress to promptly cut greenhouse gas emissions. One notable absence from the speech Monday was Senator Smith, who has twice in the past opposed legislation proposed by Sen. McCain to address global warming. Instead, Sen. McCain was joined by Oregon’s Democratic governor Ted Kulongoski. The question is, where will Senator Smith, and other Republican senators, stand when the leading global warming plan in Congress, the Climate Security Act, comes to a vote soon – likely the first week of June? It is time for members of Congress to catch up to their party leaders.

National Wildlife Federation has 64,000 members and supporters in Oregon and our statewide affiliate, the Association of Northwest Steelheaders has 17 chapters throughout the state. We are hearing loud and clear that they want true leadership on addressing global warming on the scale of the problem The Climate Security Act is the strongest bill we have ever seen in terms of addressing global warming and protecting the cherished resources of Oregon. It also has unparalled bi-partisan support. We strongly urge Senator Smith to join Senator Wyden and stand with the people of Oregon by voting YES on this bill.

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Joelle Robinson – Regional Outreach Coordinator
National Wildlife Federation

Published: May 14, 2008