Hey America — Take A Walk!

Mt_ad_160x300b_3You’ve probably been staring at this computer screen for awhile. Get up and stretch your legs!

Wait! Before you do that–and I really think you should–let me put you in a good mood. In a month, you most likely have a three-day weekend–Columbus Day Weekend! (If you don’t, consider using a vacation day. It’s cruel and unusual punishment to work when the rest of America plays.)

Have you made plans for that weekend? Even if you have, you can still join thousands of Americans for the Make Tracks! Family Trail Weekend, sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation’s Green Hour Campaign.

It’s simple. Just visit  www.maketracks.org and register. Enter your zip code into the NatureFind tool to find a trail or walking path near you. Then call your friends and family and ask them to “Make Tracks!” with you one day that weekend.

Haven’t hiked much, or ever? Don’t worry, this is a leisurely stroll, not a test of endurance.

Why? Exercise, fresh air, wildlife watching, time with friends and family, fun exploring the neighborhood, a moment away from the computer monitor and the 500 channels of cable television. (And you don’t spend money on gas!)

Green Hour is a national campaign to give kids unstructured time outside again–essentially getting people to use the phrase, “Go outside and play!” again. And what better way to introduce kids to the outdoors than making a special event of it?

Hey–I’m no saint. I’m one of those people that circles around the shopping center to find a parking spot a few feet closer to the store entrance.

I know I have a lot to work on–-and I’m not going to start by hiking to the top of Mount Everest. I’m going to start by taking a walk. Right now.

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Published: September 10, 2008