U.S. Companies Poised For Growth Under Carbon Cap

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released a groundbreaking online map that identifies and profiles more than 1,200 companies in key manufacturing states poised to grow their business and create new jobs when Congress passes a cap on global warming pollution. 

The interactive map was released at the first meeting of Vice President Joe Biden's task force on middle class jobs. It highlights hundreds of companies and communities in coal country, the rust belt and other manufacturing regions poised to benefit from demand for clean energy technologies created by a cap on carbon. 

The task force meeting highlighted new ways to increase renewable energy jobs and improve America's energy efficiency. A carbon cap will create new markets and new customers for companies in the supply chain for low-carbon energy technologies and services.

LessCarbonMoreJobs.org identifies the locations, products, and services as well as select case studies and worker profiles for companies in 12 states: Tennessee, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, Florida and Virginia.

LessCarbonMoreJobs.org allows visitors to search by state, Congressional district and media market to find companies manufacturing windmill components, shipping solar panel equipment and installing energy efficient building materials. The site also provides business details and contact information for companies in each profiled state.

Published: March 3, 2009