Clean Energy Sparks New Jobs in Michigan

Between the economic slowdown and the struggling auto industry, Michigan’s economy has been dealt a double whammy, sending unemployment soaring into the double digits. But now the Detroit area is getting some good news, thanks to clean energy:

A wind turbine assembly plant opening later this year in Novi could give the region’s sputtering economy a much-needed lift by creating about 250 manufacturing jobs. […]

State leaders say Michigan’s technological know-how and manufacturing expertise for milling large volumes of precision parts make it ideal for building and assembling wind energy equipment.

“We’re used to building and finishing various metal parts for the auto industry. Wind turbines need gear boxes and ball bearings, too,” said John Sarver, chairman of the Michigan Wind Working Group, a part of the state’s Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth.

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Published: April 10, 2009