NAACP Joins Fight for Clean Energy, Climate Action


Historic news out of New York today. For the first time in the organization’s 100-year history, the NAACP has approved a resolution addressing climate change legislation:

“At its Centennial Convention, the NAACP has opened a new front in the fight for clean energy,” said Jerome Ringo, past chairman of the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors and president of the Apollo Alliance. “When the United States negotiates an international treaty in Copenhagen this year, Americans must be united in our commitment to curb global warming pollution. NAACP is signaling that unity will include the African American grassroots.”

“This is a breakthrough moment on the path to our clean energy future,” said John Grant, National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors and CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta. “Clean energy is the key that will unlock millions of jobs, and the NAACP’s support is vital to ensuring that those jobs help to rebuild urban areas.”

“Although everyone feels its effects, the impacts of global warming are disproportionately severe among communities of color,” said Marc Littlejohn, manager of Diversity Partnerships, National Wildlife Federation. “We need to protect low-income Americans, who spend a much larger share of income on energy-related expenses. We need to help Americans working in carbon-intensive industries transition to clean energy jobs.”

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Published: July 14, 2009