New EPA Report “Wake-Up Call” on Need for Climate Action

According to a new Environmental Protection Agency report, lots of things are rising:

  • Manmade carbon pollution
  • Temperatures here in America & around the globe
  • Sea levels
  • Hurricane intensity

Not good. OK, so not everything can be getting higher, right? What’s not?

  • Glaciers

Yikes. NWF President & CEO Larry Schweiger calls the report a wake-up call:

Nature isn’t Republican or Democratic and this report shows nature is sounding an alarm. Wildlife, natural systems and our climate in America have changed and will continue to change at an alarming pace. The EPA’s report is a wake-up call on the need to reduce carbon pollution from tailpipes and smokestacks to safeguard the future for our children and grandchildren.

Every day our lawmakers fail to enact clean energy and climate legislation, we put our economy, our national security and our environment at greater risk. The EPA’s findings underscore the need for the Senate to stay focused and finish the job of crafting and passing a bipartisan climate and energy bill.

Please take a moment to tell your senators we can’t afford to wait. Joe Mendelson, National Wildlife Federation global warming policy director, explains what the report means to him as a Buffalo native: