NWF Flyover Shows Acre After Acre of Oiled Wetlands

Chris Pulaski, a staffer with the National Wildlife Federation’s Coastal Louisiana program, got the chance to get on board a helicopter on Thursday. The crew wanted to investigate BP’s ridiculous claims about how few acres of wetlands have been oiled, repeated yesterday on the Taylor Marsh Show:

Pres. Obama tried very hard to instill confidence in the federal government, but also the work of BP, while he took responsibility. However, just today on air BP representatives talked about 30 acres of wetlands, which a Florida University scientist on MSNBC said was actually at least 3,000 acres. Be careful what you believe from BP. By now we should all have learned they are not to be trusted.

Watch Chris describe what the flyover found:


You can see the still photos at NWF’s Flickr page.

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