Video – Veteran Lake Erie angler urges swift action to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes

The federal government is holding a series of hearings on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ plan for keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.

I was at the hearings in Buffalo and Cleveland. National Wildlife Federation representatives will be at all of the Corps’ Asian carp meetings, which will take place over the next three weeks.

The Corps is examining ways to separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River watersheds to keep Asian carp and other invasive species from moving between the two ecosystems.

The Buffalo and Cleveland meetings drove home the point that Asian carp in the Mississippi River system present a clear, present and growing danger to the Great Lakes.

Those meetings also revealed the depth of passion that people feel for the Great Lakes and the deep-seated fears they have about Asian carp invading their beloved lakes.

Watch Cleveland resident Tom Mayher talk about fishing for walleye in Lake with his children and grandchildren. If this guy doesn’t make you want to wage war on Asian carp, you’d better check your pulse.


The Corps of Engineers needs to hear from as many people as possible that we can’t wait years to take bold action to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes. Get involved.

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