Colorado’s Hanging Lake Named a National Natural Landmark

Sue Brown hiking Hanging Lake Trail
Sue Brown hiking Hanging Lake Trail

On June 15th, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar named western Colorado’s Hanging Lake a National Natural Landmark—and I completely agree.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I hiked the Hanging Lake trail outside Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and it is an amazing natural landmark. Since it is my husband’s favorite hike, I really appreciated getting a chance to finally experience it for myself.

Given the large snow pack and recent warm weather, the water levels were amazingly high at Hanging Lake and the falls were flowing. There is a large water log and weathered fallen tree jutting into the lake—a tree, that in fact, has been there ever since my husband can remember (that is the staying power of nature for you!).

I was also able to enjoy the benefits of clear alpine waters.  Nearby at Spouting Rock, the water cascaded over the cliff showering cold clear water on hikers. According to my hiking pal, the amount of water was unlike any he had ever seen —making a hike that he has enjoyed for years come alive in a whole new way.

Ah…the benefits of nature. Thanks to Secretary Salazar for naming Hanging Lake a National Natural Landmark – hope you all get a chance to visit soon!