“Black Out, Speak Out” for Wildlife

Since President Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline in January, Canada’s government has joined the tar sands oil industry in attempting to silence the voices of those speaking out against the dangerous expansion of tar sands and the pipelines they feed.

The assault on Canada’s environmental protection rules and organizations that work to protect the environment is about making it easier for Big Oil to get its way.

One shocking example is the Canadian government’s plans to initiate a large-scale wolf slaughter in order to conceal the impacts of booming oil and gas development on woodland caribou and the silencing of scientists who have spoken out against the misguided cull.

Another is Canada’s recent budget bill that rolled back many of the country’s most important environmental laws on clean water, wildlife, and climate change and drastically limited the public’s right to participate and comment on environmental reviews.

The decisions being made in Canada affect us all. From the massive Keystone XL pipeline to the Trailbreaker pipeline in the Northeast–Big Oil’s plans to bring dirty tar sands into the United States reach far and wide, and pose unacceptable threats to wildlife, water, and communities.

That’s why today, the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund is blacking out their webpage–along with hundreds of other groups across North America–to demonstrate that concerns about tar sands will not be silenced. Read more about “Black Out, Speak Out”.

Make sure Congress hears from you that boosting Big Oil’s profits at the expense of wildlife is unacceptable.


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