[VIDEO] Our Clean Air Future / Roundtable Discussion in Pennsylvania

National Wildlife Federation recently organized a roundtable in State College, Pennsylvania, focused on climate change and renewable energy solutions.  A recent Zogby Analytics poll shows that as Americans see the impacts of climate-fueled extreme weather hitting close to home, their concern of climate change has grown and they expect elected officials to act now rather than wait. Voters also see clean energy as a bigger priority than other energy options.

The following individuals are featured in the roundtable:

  • Dr. Richard Ready, professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Penn State University
  • Pastor Marvin Friesen of the University Mennonite Church in State College
  • Ed Perry, National Wildlife Federation Outreach Consultant

Pennsylvania’s C-NET was on hand to broadcast the roundtable:

[flash width=”480″ height=”402″ movie=”http://cnet.pegcentral.com/flash/media_player_798b.swf” FlashVars=”server=beta-rtmp.pegcentral.com&account=cnet&videoFilename=CleanAirFuture_11-13-12.mp4″ width=”480″ height=”402″ play=”false”]