Every summer, brown bears gather in the pristine waterways of Alaska’s Bristol Bay to catch wild salmon swimming upstream to spawn. But soon, this vast habitat area that is home to brown bears and the largest runs of salmon in the world could be devastated by a massive open pit copper mine.

brown bear with salmon
The abundant runs of wild salmon in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed are a mainstay of the brown bear’s diet during the summer. Photo by Deidre Brown/NWF Photo Contest.
The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of making final decisions about allowing the proposed Pebble Mine project to move forward, and are asking for public input.  More than 35,000 voices for wildlife have already spoken outand you can too!

What Members of Our Community Have to Say!

“It is good for the health of us all to protect the wildlife and clean water of Bristol Bay, Alaska from the devastation and pollution of toxic mining. The most important way to do this at this time is by stopping the proposed Pebble Mine.” – James, Kentucky


“Brown bears, salmon and other wildlife can’t speak for themselves, so we need to do it for them.” – Lee, New York


“As a former resident of Alaska, I urge you to protect the wildlife and clean water of Bristol Bay, Alaska from the devastation and pollution of toxic mining by stopping the proposed Pebble Mine.  The recent Mount Polley disaster in BC shows the consequences this type of toxic mine waste can have on the environment.” – Tom, Arizona


“You have the power to save one of the last untouched watersheds left in North America.  A place that has sustained people for thousands of years, and will continue to if it is protected.” – Charles, Michigan


“Despite the fact that I live thousands of miles from Alaska, the quality of the environment there is important to me.”  – Chaille, New Hampshire


“Here in Idaho we live with the lasting toxic mining effects in our rivers, lakes, lands, wildlife, fish and yes, even our children all have levels of toxic mining waste in their blood.” – Lauren, Idaho




“Bristol Bay, Alaska is one of the last places free from the many aspects of industrial pollution. The effects of the toxic mining from the proposed Pebble Mine are guaranteed to have powerful and long-lasting negative consequences, in addition to the typically occurring unexpected horrors.” – Rodney, Alaska


“Wildlife and a clean environment are the great gifts we can pass on.” – Shannon, Arizona


“Rather than react after another environmental disaster, please prevent one by stopping the proposed Pebble Mine.” – Jeannette, Virginia


“This is so important to me and hopefully you.” – Susan, Colorado

Take Action for Alaska’s Brown Bears and Wild Salmon

The Environmental Protection Agency is charged with protecting the wildlife and clean water in Bristol Bay and has the authority to restrict, prohibit and deny certain mining operations—but they must hear as many voices as possible in support of stopping the mine and protecting Bristol Bay.

Mining interests are pushing hard to get a green light on the Pebble Mine project. That’s why it is crucial that we all weigh in about the importance of protecting vital habitat for wildlife like the brown bear and salmon from the devastation of a massive mine.

Take ActionPlease speak out today for brown bears and wild salmon by urging the Environmental Protection Agency to protect Bristol Bay.