The House Energy & Commerce Committee passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act last night! Here’s President Obama’s reaction:

I commend Chairman Waxman and the Members of the Energy and Commerce Committee for a successful effort to pass a comprehensive energy and climate bill out of their committee today. We are now one step closer to delivering on the promise of a new clean energy economy that will make America less dependent on foreign oil, crack down on polluters, and create millions of new jobs all across America. The bill is historic for what it achieves, providing clean energy incentives that encourage innovation while recognizing the concerns of sensitive industries and regions in this country. And this achievement is all the more historic for bringing together many who have in the past opposed a common effort, from labor unions to corporate CEOs, and environmentalists to energy companies. I applaud the committee for its action and look forward to signing comprehensive legislation.

So what’s next? As Grist reports, “At least six other House committees have jurisdiction over some portion of this bill.” The battles on the House floor, then the Senate will be difficult, but we’ll preview those another day.

This morning, let’s celebrate a major victory in the fight to pass comprehensive climate & energy legislation in 2009!

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Published: May 22, 2009