Momentum Continues: Boxer Plans Senate Cap-and-Trade Markup Before August Recess

As progress continues on the American Clean Energy & Security Act in the House, the Senate is preparing to review related global warming legislation before the August recess. 

Senate Environment and Public Works Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) announced last week that she plans to mark up major climate change legislation sometime during the week of Aug. 3. Boxer has already set aside July for public hearings on climate issues to help bring the Senate "up to speed." Bill markup and further hearings are slated to follow.

Boxer plans to use the American Clean Energy and Security Act, a House bill, as the basis for her legislation, but says she has not yet decided how much the two will differ. "I think you will see some differences, but it is basically similar," she said. 

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently approved the American Clean Energy and Security Act by a 33 to 25 bipartisan vote. The legislation will establish a new energy policy in the U.S. that avoids continuing dependence on foreign oil and establishes a new domestic clean technology manufacturing base to supply wind, solar, and other renewable energy. 

Committee Chairman Henry Waxman announced this week that discussion of the bill with Democrats on the Agriculture and Ways and Means panels is subject to a self-imposed Wednesday deadline. "I don't see it should go any longer than that," he said.

The National Wildlife Federation's just-released ACES Toolbox analyzes the bill in terms of what's needed to build the clean energy economy and confront the climate crisis.

Published: June 16, 2009