Why Now?

NWF   |   June 24, 2009

Jeremy Symons, Senior Vice President of Conservation and Education Programs at National Wildlife Federation, was on CBS’s Washington Unplugged today. When asked why we need the American Clean Energy and Security Act now, Jeremy said: “Fundamentally there’s no better time with the economy where it is. We need to create new jobs – 1.7 million clean energy jobs will be created from this bill and the stimulus package. We are fortunate to have leaders that have the leadership to go ahead and take on tough issues. It’s a fundamental choice – at the end of the day, do we give in to the scare and fear of change or do we move forward with a new energy plan for America that creates jobs, helps our energy security and protects the environment for our children’s future?” Jeremy’s right. Now is the time to take this step forward on the path to a new energy economy. Click here to send your representative a message and let them know you support final passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Larry Schweiger

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Published: June 24, 2009